Cover: A photo of an industrial building from an ally behind a house on 8th Ave I used to live in, rendered with a limited color palette.

Contents: Wait... what?;
unpublished photos from September 7th;
@Emmetskates' front 50-50 ally-oop out;
three photos of a dead bug;
two months before Apple's Live Photos feature was released I wanted to shoot landscape video loops;

January 15th, 2018


Megan is sleeping; Love1 slept tucked in my arm with her head on the pillow like a little fluffy baby.

Earlier, we decided to eat the second half of this week's pot pie, because it's more likely we'll want another piece, than not eating two pieces. “We'll just have to get extra high to make sure we can eat it all.” I said.

Later, I rolled a joint with an air pocket between the bud and the card-stock filter for Wally's employee party, and it worked like a charm. Baked.

On our way in, we attempted to enter a door we had just saw Sarah and Neal walk out of; she stopped us and said there was a table in front of it and we should keep going and use the next door –to which I later heard that Neal silently replied with a confused look. Megan and I took two seats at the far table in the corner with the widest scope of room; then shortly noticed three handfuls of people using the previously mentioned door with the alleged table in front of it... only to be followed by that very same door being propped open for everyone to use, freely at their own will, for both entering and exiting. Shrug, I don't know, if you figure it out, please explain it to me.

Things I would've done differently:

It was fun though, shout out to... Dan? I think?

Raw, Fresh, Visual Artist: themullingmindofmadi.com

Madison makes so much money with her critically acclaimed style that she pays me a ridiculous premium for this tiny ad; don't delay, hire her today!

September 7th, 2017

Spotted in North East, Minneapolis; if this is your art, and you feel like being part of an indie publishing project call: +1 (507) 369-6783

August 22nd, 2017

@emmetskatesWatch this clip at Shoelacebelt.com will return shortly.

I want to do a new show for spring 2018; so far it's called Street Spots, or Skate Spots, or Streets. Holler at me if you skate: +1 (507) 369-6783

Sssdude-nutz: dount truck & catering

June 31st, 2017

Dead bug; in fisheye, and macro. Contact me for framed prints.

June 11th, 2017

This moving picture was captured in North Carolina.

May 31st, 2017

...because what's your website without photos of your cat?

I’m not a “cat guy” −and I'd rather not have a cat; but I found this cat, as a skinny kitten, crying and abandoned on a country road. So she bopped around with me doing street art and earned the name Love1, as in love one another. Now she lives a well-fed life, chasing mice away from our studio.

Press kit: Tyler Rad, age 22 of Mankato, Minn. appeared for sentencing on an amended charge of Possession of Marijuana over 1 pound, a class IV Felony. He received 5 years probation.

Source: Court Briefs - 04-10-14 from the Sidney Sun-Telegraph

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